Solang Uk translates Finding Zero

Exciting news!! Solang Uk is now finalizing his translation of Finding Zero into Khmer. A wider audience will soon be able to read about the important role of Khmer culture–and K-127–in the history of mathematics.

About the translator: Solang Uk, with his wife Beling Uk, translated the writings of the Chinese diplomat Zhou Daguan, from the original Chinese to English in a beautiful book, Customs of Cambodia. Zhou visited the capital of Cambodia’s Khmer Empire as part of a diplomatic mission at the end of the 13th century and dutifully recorded his observations on daily life and culture in the Empire’s capital, Angkor. It is an exquisitely produced and fascinating account of this time and place. The volume was edited by Kent Davis.

Amir D. Aczel wrote the forward for the book.

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